Friday, October 24, 2008

I have been seriously slacking...

Just so everyone knows I still have a pulse and still care, here is an update. A few things that have been going on in the wonderful land of Turtle Girl Mama Land.

1. My brother in law got married. That was fun. I say that very lightly.

2. I have two craft shows coming up, that I am very unprepared for, so now I have officially lit the fire under my rump.

3. Madelyn has been sick, and everyone else has too, but she matters the most!

4. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A HOUSE! So when I am not crafting or taking care of a runny nosed baby, we are trekking around Northern Rhode Island looking for our dream house.

So now that you know I am not gone, tell me whats new with the wonderful lives of everyone out there!

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