Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I made the plunge..

For some strange reason this morning, at 6a.m., when my darling little girl woke up for her morning feeding, I decided I was going to create a blog. After putting her back to bed, I did it right then and there, instead of going back to bed, like I normally do. Crazy.

Well here it is. In all its glory. Its plain, its simple, and its dirty. I don't know much about making it pretty so the aesthetics of this beast will have to do.

To get to know me better, I am a 23 year old (almost 24 years old) stay at home married momma. I love my family more than I ever knew I could. My husband is a paramedic, and currently trying to get onto a fire station.

I have a little shop on etsy, where I sell my late night addiction, crafts of all sorts. www.manda5463.etsy.com

This blog will be about that, the late night musings of my addictions, maybe a tutorial, some pictures, and just updates on my life. Who knows, there could be a surprise around the corner!

So welcome, sit back, relax, and enjoy your day.

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