Monday, September 1, 2008

Fluffy Bum!

The day has finally arrived, I have a fluffy bum baby! I found this woman on that coincidently lives pretty much down the street from me, that makes gorgeous cloth diapers! If you are interested in getting cloth diapers from this talented mama, you can contact her through cafemom via this group, Beezi Bum Cloth Diapers

My next venture will be to try to make them, I don't think its going to work, and I will be left unsatsified, but I suppose, I can sew, I have a baby, and the internet. We shall see what happens.

Right now in my shop I have all my booties on sale! They are originally $14, now they are $10! Great deal! Its for this week only, in celebration of my birthday, so get them while they are hot!

Well I am off to make 30 bows for a cheerleading squad that is going to involve me getting off the computer and begin heating up the hot glue gun!!

Now to end this on a beautiful note, the cutest fluffy bummed baby in her new dipe! I can picture what she is saying, MOM WHY ARE YOU TAKING MY PICTURE AGAIN!!!!

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