Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its time to be Tuff

Tuff as Snails that is! Let's talk about ­Tuff as Snails. Betsy is the sole creator behind the beautiful, funky and vintage inspired goods in her shop. I had been eyeing many of the dresses in her shop for quite awhile! I was able to scoop one up, but it will not fit my little turtle for quite awhile, but one must plan ahead! Betsy combines such unique, vibrant and beautiful fabrics together to create funky pieces of vintage inspired goods!

Looking to keep busy while out for the day, then the crosswords puzzle dress if for you, just make sure to bring a washable marker for years of enjoyment!

We all know every little kid wants to be a super hero like their mom, with this fancy dress and cape, their prayers are answered!

Just take a look at her Japanese Pop Octopus Dress, even if I had never seen the beautiful masterpiece of a dress, I would be intrigued by the name alone!

Not into dresses? Well she has you covered with that as well! Your little one could sport a sweet t-shirt with a "tuff" pirate lady on it! Just waiting to get that for my little one as well!

How about spicing up your neck? You can sport a sweet necklace of Lil Miss Muffet or how about a Anatomically correct heart brooch? With Tuff as Snails, you have one stop shopping to keep you funky and unique!

Check her out, I know you won't be diappointed!

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  1. Aww Thanks for showing me off! Such a great feature!! And look at that soup! YUM!!! I will have to get in on some of that!!!