Monday, September 15, 2008

With a name like world's best....

You just have to try it! I have been craving french onion soup for weeks0 so I started my journey on the world wide web to find a recipe, and stumbled upon it! It proudly claimed it was the best recipe, so ofcourse I had to try it! The one down fall with French Onion Soup is its made with beef broth and I do not partake in beef or pork! But if you know me, I never actually follow a recipe, I use it as a guideline and adjust accordingly!
So I started my journey and the smells so far are amazing!

I used white onions and leeks! But you can use any type of onion you like, or a mixture of all the onions you like. Its your choice!
A little background for you, I LOVE ONIONS! I love all types, I like them raw, I like them cooked, I like them in everything, so ofcourse Fench Onion Soup would be on the top of my soup list!
So you cut your onions, in moon shapes. I used two medium sized onions, and the white part of a leek. This amount of onions would serve about four people.
I used Smart Balance butter to cook them in. Low and slow, for a long time. It should take about 30 minutes to carmelize properly. Don't rush it!
If you cover them, it does help. Also add some kosher salt, a few pinches, this helps bring the water out and moves it along. Just remember taste before you salt it later, you probably won't need any more!
Most recipes will call for a bouquet garni of fresh thyme, parsley and a bay leaf tied in a cheesecloth. I don't mess with cheesecloth. I just put it right in. A palm full of each, but I skip on the parsley and use Italian Seasonings which has parsley, basil and other yummo tasting things!I used two 14 ounce cans of chicken broth. But if you do eat beef, you would want to do beef stock or broth, or you could do half in half, its really up to you! Then just add one can of water! Cover and simmer. The longer it simmers the yummier it will be! My soup will not be as dark as "traditional" french onion, but it still tastes like it, in my opinion not as salty either!

I served it in coffee mugs with garlic toast and then mozzarella cheese. You can use any cheese you like, though I wouldn't recommend any cheedar. Swiss is the traditional cheese! We had the soup with a salad and pizza made on whole wheat naan bread! It was delicous, and if you on Weight Watchers like me, it was pretty low in points for a lot of food!

I don't really have a recipe, as I guess, but I tried to give you the best guess as to what I did!

Madelyn ofcourse in her new Johnny Jumper and her fancy knee socks! She was watching us eat! Wishing she could eat it!

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